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U5 & U7 PreCanPower   +   CanPowerSkate

The PreCanPower and CanPowerSkate programs are NOT Learn to Skate programs.

If your Skater needs to learn to skate, PreCanSkate offers a great opportunity to build the skating basics. CanPowerSkate is designed to enhance the skating skills of hockey and ringette players in the Learn to Train stage of development for a long-term Athlete Development Model (LTD). Skaters in this program will work on 15 “skill buckets” organized into 3 fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility. Emphasis is on proper skating technique. The puck or ring will be added to the skills as the Skater becomes more proficient in their skating.


  • Designed for skaters aged 4-7 who are/were enrolled in JR Timbits, Timbits or have completed CanSkate Stage #3. 
  • Specifically for Skaters who have basic skating skills (can push/glide forwards) who may not be ready for CanPowerSkate Level 1.
  • PreCanPower helps develop basic skating abilities in a power skating-specific environment, including balance skills, forward and backward skating, stopping, turning and agility skills. The curriculum is presented in three progressive levels, complete with awards to encourage participation and motivate skaters.
  • PreCanPower Skating will run concurrently with CanSkate sessions during some of our sessions.

**Skaters will be evaluated during each class and may be asked to move up into the CanPowerSkate Program.

Through this stage of development Skaters will be assessed and graded in the following:

  • Early: entering the stage of development
  • Moderate: In the middle of this stage of development
  • Advanced: Exiting or has mastered the level for this stage of development

Each training session is designed with the following format:

  • Warm-up: 10 mins to warm up the core temperature of the body and review skills from previous lessons
  • Lesson time: 30 min total, 10 per fundamental area
  • Development time: 10-15 mins to challenge the Skater’s development of skills learned
  • Cool Down: 5 mins to lower the heart rate, increase range of motion, stretch muscles

For safety reasons, participants are required to wear full hockey/ringette CSA-approved equipment including a helmet with a full face mask/shield and a stick.

Benefits of CanPowerSkate

CanPowerSkate is the only nationally regulated power skating program in Canada. It was developed by a team of hockey, figure skating, and ringette experts to teach the fundamentals of power skating progressively and sequentially.

When you/your child registers for a CanPowerSkate program at your local Skate Canada club, you also become a member of Skate Canada, the national sport governing body for figure skating in Canada. Membership benefits in the CanPowerSkate program can include:

  • participation in a unique skill testing system which includes award bars and ribbons

  • parent information sheets

  • progress updates and report cards

  • special CanPowerSkate events and club functions

  • opportunity to be talent-scouted

  • opportunity to participate in a healthy lifestyle activity

The CanPowerSkate program consists of skills divided into six levels, arranged in progressions gradually increasing in complexity. Levels 1 to 3 focus on the fundamentals of skating, Levels 4 to 6 place additional focus on the acquisition of efficient technique, speed, agility, technical aspects of stride and acceleration and skating with the puck/ring. Skaters are evaluated on skill level and are timed as they perform a test involving skills in a course-like pattern. The skater receives a mark combining his skill performance plus test time. This determines whether the skater receives a Bronze, Silver or Gold award bar for that Level.  

The CanPowerSkate program is exclusive to Skate Canada and is available only to Skate Canada member clubs and sanctioned skating schools. All participants must be registered with Skate Canada. Only Skate Canada member Coaches trained and certified at a CanPowerSkate Coaches Course are qualified to instruct the CanPowerSkate program. Program Assistance (PA) may also be on the ice assisting our Coaches as required. PA’s are trained by Skate Canada and are under the direction of the Coach.

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